Improve Google Ads Performance with Machine learning insights

  • Optimize Budget Allocation
  • Forecast Performance
  • Predict Results

Optimize Budget Allocation

Forecast Performance

Predict Results


Budget Optimize Can Answer Questions Like:

How much should I be spending on Google Ads?

Easily analyse the historical relationship between spend,  conversions & revenue. Discover how to achieve optimal CPA or ROI performance.

How should I allocate my budgets between my campaigns?

Receive recommendations for allocated budgets between Google Ads campaigns in order to minimise the account CPA, or maximise account ROI.

What's likely to happen if I increase budget by $1,000/month?

Visualise your campaign budgets at different levels of spend and how that would affect results.

What’s the optimal CPA I can achieve?

Using regression techniques & solver functions, budget optimize can identify the optimal CPA for your campaigns.

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Campaign Performance Visualized

Imagine you could visualize campaign performance as you adjust your spend

Budget optimize builds a model of campaign performance, allowing you to predict results when you move beyond current spends.

Visualize & identify optimal points

Identify min & max optimal points where campaign performance is at it’s best.

Machine Learning tools & regression models

Regression lines allow you to visually map campaign performance and look at your account from a new perspective

Inbuilt optimization tools for forecasting

Forecast performance at different levels of daily spend using what-if analysis and optimization tools.

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Tweaking Budgets & Predicting Performance

See how businesses are using Budget Optimize to tweak their performance.

A leading player in the accounting space was generating 100’s of leads per month. They wanted to see if they could bring down their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) without sacrificing lead volume.
A startup in the financial services industry generates the vast majority of sales via their website. They were looking to understand how ROI will be impacted with an increased investment of $1,000 / month on Google Ads.


What People Are Saying

Anthony Leiu
Anthony LeiuHead of Marketing at LegalVision
We run a large Google Ads account and are always looking for opportunities to improve on our already strong performance. This tool allows us to pinpoint budgeting opportunities. We love how it's incredibly focused on our goal of reducing CPA and driving performance. The suggestions provided by the tool and the low cost of using it make....

Andre Weyher
Andre WeyherFreelance Digital Marketing Consultant
There are many Google Ads optimization tools on the market, but none of them offer this functionality. Budget Optimize allows me in seconds to visualize the performance of a new or existing account and understand the future potential of a new account. I use it all the time for auditing new clients and reviewing existing client performance.


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